About Arion

This is imagination.
This is innovation.
This is a better Garry's Mod.

Welcome to Arion.

Arion DarkRP is a new type of roleplay server designed completely custom from the ground up to provide a different kind of gameplay experience to players. Most conventional DarkRP rules don't apply here, this is to open up more creative outlets for fun roleplay where YOU are in control. Nobody likes servers where a squeaker threatens to get you banned by an admin for not complying with his mugging. Stuff like that doesn't happen here.


We try our best to keep large workshop downloads minimal - Most of these these downloads serve no purpose but to decrease server performance. Our server's performance is top-notch, so you can play comfortably with any setup.

Everything is custom. Every server you join will have the exact same paid content you've seen on other servers - not here. Almost every addon on this server is fully custom, you will not see any recycled addons from the last DarkRPs you played on.


We pick our staff wisely. You will not see an eleven year old child noclipping into your base stealing your items, you will not be screamed at and banned for the tiniest rule break because a donator was on the other side, the staff are quite possibly the most friendly, mature, and just people you will ever meet.

In the end, Arion is built on what people hate in DarkRP. We turn around the garbage that mainstream DarkRP is today into something captivating and actually worth playing.

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