Release Roadmap

Hey everyone, this is just a quick announcement to let you guys know how the release is going to work, and how things are going to roll after.

The Server

The server is almost nearing completion, it will most likely be released by the end of this week. After release, we will be focusing on fixing the first few waves of bugs to make sure that nothing is game-breaking, and that all is performing optimally.

The Website

After we ensure that the server has had a successful launch, we will be working primarily on polishing up the site and forums a bit more. As many of you know, this is the initial version - there are still a number of QoL features that need to be implemented.


Our goal is to keep the server fresh with new content. The game plan as of now is to push a new update every week. These updates will be documented in our changelog (one of the things we plan to add to the site), and will be given an accompanying forum thread for community discussion.

That's pretty much it, I believe it's safe to say that you can expect the server by the end of this week, if not in a couple of days.

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Ayy it released

OP • Posted a year ago