Riziings Staff App

  1. What is your in-game name? RiziingYT
  2. What is your SteamID64? STEAM_0:1:109993458
  3. Why do you want to be staff? I would like to be staff because I like working along with servers and being know as a staff member I would love to be a staff on a server that is a very big project in the making.
  4. What can you offer that other applicants can't? I have some knowledge in gLua, I know almost every single ULX command and as well I have lots of free time to spend on the server. I know a lot of the servers rules. I am learning to do video editing and maybe could do promotional films for the server.
  5. Do you have any previous experience as staff? yes I have owned many servers and still do, WackRP.com and the ip is
  6. Tell us about yourself. I have played garrys mod since 2016
  7. Do you have a mic? Yes.
  8. Are you active in our Discord server? I just joined as the server has just launched but I will be active.
  9. How old are you?
  10. How often do you play on the DarkRP server? as it just released I will play it often.
  11. How will you deal with players who break the rules? according to what they did. NLR I would Warn them RDM I would jail/warn them mass rdm I would ban them for a week or so depending on history.
  12. What timezone are you located in? EST

OP • Posted 10 months ago

-Rep (Someone) banned RiziingYT for 5 minutes (Griefing, Insulting Staff, etc)

Posted 10 months ago

Not accepting apps at the moment

Posted 10 months ago

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