Potato's Mod Application

  1. Potato ; or ; Potato >-< | SuperiorServers.co
  2. STEAM_0:0:431857865
  3. The server is in need according to the name, and I have plenty of experience.
  4. I can offer the best job I can do alone. I can also offer DDos protection AKA I know what it looks like when a player is crashing the server, I also can detect and sometimes reverse DDos attacks. This means that the server gets way more security and benefits all players, not just staff.
  5. Yes, I have owned my own DarkRP server, the server was pretty good until the hosting website shut down. Once this happened I decided to close the server, rather than start from scratch. 5b. I have also been a Moderator on SuperiorServers where I got most of my staff experience, where I also offered the DDos and crashing protection. The reasoning behind me quiting the server, was other staff abusing, it got out of control. Thous I decided to find servers in need of staff.
  6. My name is Dan, I am 16, I enjoy enforcing the rules of DarkRP, and helping communities. I also LOVE to RP, and DarkRP is a great place for both enforcing the rules, and playing by them in rp.
  7. Yes
  8. I can and will be upon joining!
  9. 16
  10. I play a lot! This is just the beginning!
  11. Offer a warning with valid evidence, and if it persists, follow up with a jail / tempban / kick (Depending on rules broken and people involved)
  12. EST Eastern Standard Time.

OP • Posted 10 months ago


  • Has another server's URL in your name while applying here...
  • Seems to be unable to tell the difference between a steamid and a steamid64
  • Speaks about DDoS but does not know what it is, further exemplifying inadequacy
  • No, you do not play a lot
  • Impatient as evident by joining the discord for the sole purpose of telling me about this app, DMing me as well
  • Addendum to above point, can't find the discord link himself (not a resourceful person)
  • 6 month old steam account, looks very new/unused (only 9 friends, plain profile)
  • Incapable of using markdown


[Player] (OOC) Potato: I have TONS of experience and I am very mature

"Very mature"

Posted 10 months ago

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