Landen's Application

What is your in-game name? |-ICE-| Landen What is your SteamID64? 76561198347672041 Why do you want to be staff? I want to be a staff member on Arion Servers because I like to help people, and also i would like to be staff since i love darkrp and thats all i play What can you offer that other applicants can't? I am a great hand I am fairly active on other servers most people do like people. Ill be nice to other staff and wont break rules Do you have any previous experience as staff? List server names and IPs if possible. I have done a few dont remember names though Tell us about yourself. I really like to RP and play video games and build computers Do you have a mic? Yes Are you active in our Discord server? A lot How old are you? 14 How often do you play on the DarkRP server? Soon all the time How will you deal with players who break the rules? Punish them fairly What timezone are you located in? Central

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